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November 20, 2013 • 1:26 AM • 0 comments
Hello readers , okay before i start my story , look around my blog ? hehew :3 it's cute right ? yeahh , i'm happy right now cuz my new style blog .. Thanks to tya for teaching me on blogskins .. There are many things that i would have to change on my blog .. i will do it slowly okay , jangan gabra sangat .. slow2 ..
awww ! >.< he so cute , like my blog .. aumm :)
straight to the point , okay the aim of this post was i'm gonna tell u all that my felling right now , hahaha *i'm was so happy for my new style blog .. it's make me crazy on it .. for me , it is so cute :) insyaAllah i will always update my blog okay ? wait for my annoying story k ? that's all from me ? see you next time .. bbye ... :) sorry for my english :)

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Assalamualaikum , welcome to my simple blog :) be nice to my blog k ? im sweet 16teen that live at earth . im kinda silent or maybe a mysterious miss that always keep a secret ..How about you? Tell me at cbox :) btw follow my instagram _annaeyra , i wll follow u back

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