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November 9, 2013 • 10:56 PM • 2 comments
assalamualaikum reader(s) ,

yahoooo ! nampak tak huruf kat atas ni , yang perkataan nye *i believe i can fly ! * cantik tak ??
ofkos lah kan .. :3 ..  i'm in my mood right now okay .. so dont ruin it ! *amaran ni*okay , the aim i'm duin a post right now is wanna tell you all that my television now can turn to 395 !!! 
ahhhh ! you now it right that on the channel 395 are the korean tv . huahuahuhauha !! *gelak bangga
atau gelak jahat pon x thu lah* tapi hampir emm maybe a year or month i have been 
waiting for things .. i know that ,this is a smaller things , right ? but to me <<<< i feel so excited or maybe being crazy ... huahuahauhauhua .. <<<< teringat pulak gelak HAHA semalam in running man ..

okay , that's all for me :) wait for my new
post ok .. 

bbye , meow meow moew ..being cute 

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