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UPset or BeinG Mad ! water ......
November 9, 2013 • 6:51 AM • 3 comments

the worst things that i feel today was .. THERE WAS NO WATER AT HOME !! *muka geram* okay now lets forget about that , now every human need water right ? haha , on a daily , human been used a water emm maybe a thousand times or several time . At home my mother used it to cook , washing hand after eating , fr bath or anythings that used a water . Besides that , my brother was also so tired tauu cause maklumlah rumah pulak flat huh = =" nak angkut air plak memang berat lah .. so now i gonna try to use a little of water , and dont membazir ok ..! 

By the way , not only our house that no water but one came DTHO .. that the problem ? are the tangki was broken or pecah ,, hm . lets the SYABAS do it okay , i juz hope that this worst things not gonna be too long .. 

okay .. till me meet again .. adios amigos :)

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